Limp Hands and Rubbery Knees

Do you ever experience anxiety? Anxiety is a biological reaction to external and internal pressures and threats. It is the body’s way of alerting you to hunker down or flee a threatening situation. It is a feeling of fear, dread, and uneasiness that can cause you to sweat, feel restless and tense, and have a rapid heartbeat. It can be a normal reaction to stress.     

Two months ago my dog suddenly collapsed and had to be hospitalized for three days. We didn’t know what was wrong, and while she was gone from the house, I experienced a constant pain and pressure in my chest that was so pervasive, I could not relax or sleep. It hurt. It went away when we were able to bring her home, but for people with anxiety disorders, the reaction is not temporary and can be overwhelming.

Our passage from Isaiah today speaks directly to those who have an anxious heart. It is a beautiful reminder that God is always with us in every situation, and we can count on God to come and save us. We can offer our limp hands and rubbery knees to our mighty God and find strength and help there.

Isaiah 35:1-4 (The Message)

1-2 Wilderness and desert will sing joyously,
    the badlands will celebrate and flower—
Like the crocus in spring, bursting into blossom,
    a symphony of song and color.
Mountain glories of Lebanon—a gift.
    Awesome Carmel, stunning Sharon—gifts.
God’s resplendent glory, fully on display.
    God awesome, God majestic.

3-4 Energize the limp hands,
    strengthen the rubbery knees.
Tell fearful souls,
    “Courage! Take heart!
God is here, right here,
    on his way to put things right
And redress all wrongs.
    He’s on his way! He’ll save you!”

 The times we are living in right now are filled with anxiety. You can’t go through a day without experiencing some anxiety over the latest news, driving in heavy traffic, the climate crisis, violence in our streets and across the world, mass shootings, worry over the economy and jobs, raising children, marriages falling apart … the list is endless.

 A friend shared that after several life-challenging events, she is struggling so much with anxiety that she realizes she needs to find help. She said that this gave her a sense of shame and disappointment. I know that those feelings are real, but I countered that if she were experiencing symptoms of diabetes, she would see a specialist and possibly go on insulin. It is the same with anxiety … getting professional help puts no shame in that game. That is the smart move.

When anxious thoughts overwhelm you, close your eyes and imagine Isaiah’s vision of God’s power and presence in your life. To those who are anxious, Isaiah says, “Courage! Take heart! God is here”. Take a few deep breaths, pray and meditate, and go for a walk. And if anxiety is persistent and pervasive, a good therapist is in order, just as you would seek help for a heart condition. God can use ALL things for your good if you open yourself to help.

God is here, right here, on his way to put things right.

Orange Sunset Glowdog


  1. katpadg1 · 19 Days Ago

    Betsy, we are having terrible anxiety as we type this at this very moment,My Son Travis is in surgery having his leg removed above the knee because of Diabetes he just had heart bypass a few month ago.please keep him in prayer,Barry and Kathy Padgett


    • Betsy · 18 Days Ago

      Oh, friends, I am so sorry to read this. Know that Travis is in my prayers, and I’m sure all who read the comments will covenant to pray with us. Please let us know how does. God is with you all.


      • katpadg1 · 18 Days Ago

        His surgery went well and doing much better today but has a long road for recovery .prayers for healing.Thank you and all who have prayed for our Son.Barry and Kathy


      • Betsy · 18 Days Ago

        We will continue to lift him up in recovery.


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