Honest and Fair

If you could pray one thing today for the leaders of our country, what would it be? On this official day of Epiphany, when we celebrate the three kings who followed a star to Bethlehem to pay homage to the Messiah-king, our thoughts turn to those who rule and govern over us. It is no accident that we find ourselves in Psalm 72, which is designated as a “Psalm of Solomon.” Some scholars believe that this was a prayer for Solomon written by his father, King David, at the beginning of Solomon’s reign. Others say that Solomon wrote this for himself as a prayer when he was about to take the throne.

Lutherans pray this prayer every January 6th to mark Epiphany. You will see in verse 5 that the language changes from an earthly king to a heavenly one, who will live forever and bring a reign of peace and justice.

With everything that is happening in our country today, it is a perfect prayer for us to pray together. We must especially pray for peace in our land.

Psalm 72 (Contemporary English Version)

Please help the king
to be honest and fair
    just like you, our God.
Let him be honest and fair
with all your people,
    especially the poor.
Let peace and justice rule
    every mountain and hill.
Let the king defend the poor,
rescue the homeless,
    and crush
    everyone who hurts them.

It is the job of every king, president, senator, mayor, and local dog catcher to be honest and fair in all of their doings. It is the job of every king, president, senator, mayor, and local dog catcher to defend the poor, rescue the homeless, enforce peace, and provide justice. Earthly leaders are entrusted to judge fairly and rule compassionately on behalf of, and FOR the people until the King of Kings returns and brings HIS peace…a peace that will last until the moon falls from the sky.

Let the king live forever
    like the sun and the moon.
Let him be as helpful as rain
    that refreshes the meadows
    and the ground.
Let the king be fair
    with everyone,
and let there be peace
    until the moon
    falls from the sky.

Today is a critical day in American politics. May justice and peace rule every hill, and may all who lead be honest and fair.

I hope you will join me in praying this psalm as our fervent prayer for our “kings” today.

May Peace Rule Every Mountain by Becca Ziegler

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