Invest Yourself

There is a lady at my church who is exceptionally good at anything having to do with hospitality. She can organize a kitchen full of cooks, is able to serve food while hot, has the ability to decorate the entire place like an events coordinator, and she can always make herself available to do whatever we need. She is a BLESSING.

What are you good at doing? Can you teach? Sing? Do finances? Talk with teenagers? In church language we call these talents “spiritual gifts.” We understand that everyone is good at something. God is the one who gives you the ability, and he calls you to use it for the good of the kingdom. We encourage people to discover their gifts and to serve in places that match their special abilities. We also encourage people not to volunteer in an area that they are not gifted to do! Trust me, nobody wants me on the Finance Committee. My eyes glaze over if you show me anything with numbers.

In the book of Matthew, Jesus tells a lengthy parable about a master who entrusted three servants with different financial gifts. He left them on their own to decide how to invest what they had been given. It went well for two of them….

Matthew 25 (The Message)

19-21 “After a long absence, the master of those three servants came back and settled up with them. The one given five thousand dollars showed him how he had doubled his investment. His master commended him: ‘Good work! You did your job well. From now on be my partner.’

22-23 “The servant with the two thousand showed how he also had doubled his master’s investment. His master commended him: ‘Good work! You did your job well. From now on be my partner.’

But woe to the last servant, who was given the smallest amount. He chose a very strange place for his investment…

24-25 “The servant given one thousand said, ‘Master, I know you have high standards and hate careless ways, that you demand the best and make no allowances for error. I was afraid I might disappoint you, so I found a good hiding place and secured your money. Here it is, safe and sound down to the last cent.’

This man squandered his gift.

Are you squandering yours?

26-27 “The master was furious. ‘That’s a terrible way to live! It’s criminal to live cautiously like that! If you knew I was after the best, why did you do less than the least? The least you could have done would have been to invest the sum with the bankers, where at least I would have gotten a little interest.

28-30 “‘Take the thousand and give it to the one who risked the most. And get rid of this “play-it-safe” who won’t go out on a limb. Throw him out into utter darkness.’

Jesus is not playing here. When you receive a gift or talent, God wants you to use it for his glory. To bury what you are good at doing is a terrible waste. The play-it-safe life is not acceptable.

Maybe you’ve been told you don’t have a spiritual gift that’s worth anything. You’ve been told wrong. Everybody is somebody in the Body!

Whatever you’re good at, do it. Do it joyfully. Do it gracefully. Do it obediently. When you invest your talents in the service of the Lord, it comes back to you with eternal rewards.

A Glimpse of the Kingdom of God by Wende Pritchard